Sapsucker Studios
Floating FlotsamCone CommunityFlying Floating Freely 7' acrossTucked Trapezoid 2.5 x 3wPerpetual PodsPetit Pods 2'w x 1'hNervous Neurons 4.5 w x 4' hPonderous Pods 6'hx4.5wThorny Trapezoid 5'wx2.5hCone Community from 3' x 8" dPuffy Pillows 2.5 x 2.5Screen Stream 1.5 x 5wBasket Bonnet 2.5 dSimple Square 1.5 x 1.5Amusement ArtEndless EmbraceCluttered CloudTenacious TendrilsCircle WaveWinsome WeavingPodsStalks of ScreenPuffy Pillows
Screen Sculptures
Screen and wire work exhbited at Stronghouse Studios Gallery 2009.