Sapsucker Studios
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Although I have been an artist my entire life, I have spent more time in non-art related activities, such as motherhood and work. Since 2008, making sculpture has finally become my primary focus.

My work has evolved over the years from bronze casting, welding, weaving, neon and glass to wire, paper and found objects. I enjoy manipulating common objects, adding movement, shapes and shadows.

The materials I use provide my inspiration and direction, so the process of creating is key to the finish product. I like making use of common objects such as baling wire, paper and lathe, and encouraging the objects to float or move or become something unexpected.

For over a year I have limited my work to aluminum screen, just to push myself, and the material. The texture and stiffness provide inspiration and the shadows create images. Just recently I have added tulle, recycled bras, nails and other objects for color and interest.

The wearable pieces made from re-cycled maps and caution tape are some of my newer items. The bodices with tulle honor the female form expressing both stiffness and strength along with softness and malleability.

“Her work is very playful and free; she creates from a childlike perspective with clever sophistication.”